1. Cutthroat time in West Coast BC

    I was expecting to be fishing for these little beauties while down on the Coast doing some schooling, but had to come home early for obvious reasons. I was busy tying some minnows to fill up the box as much as possible, plus added a few of @Phearless Freds specials(thanks Fred) I will leave you...
  2. St. Mary Cutthroat.jpg

    St. Mary Cutthroat.jpg

  3. Material List Cutthroat Doc Baker

    A favourite of mine. Old school wets are the bomb! Thread - Black 8/0 Hook - 2x or 3x your choice. Tail - Yellow Hackle fibres. Rib- Silver mylar tinsel. Body - Red floss. Sometimes I use dubbed seal. Throat - Yellow hackle fibres. Wing - White Arctic Fox is my go to. Polar bear, bucktail...
  4. Cutthroat Doc Baker

    Cutthroat Doc Baker

    Old school pattern from the fifties. Killer!
  5. No Name cutty fly.

    No Name cutty fly.

    Developed in the 90's for the Fraser Valley, BC cutthroat.
  6. Butterlugs


    Classic 50's wet developed for the Harrison River, BC.