1. Bloody Salmon Farms Just cant stop Messing up BC's Waters

    These guys need to fuck off to land pens, greedy bastards!
  2. Fly tying a Blue Charm salmon fly

    This is a beauty salmon fly, could be used for steelhead as well, had to share, enjoy! :)
  3. Material List Blue Polly Plunker

    Hook: Mustad or partridge 3/0-5/0 hook shank with a 1-1/0 Daiichi 3111 trailer hook Thread: 6/0 Uni matched to the color of the fly Target/Tail: Blue Poly Bear Body: Black Polar Chenille, wrap tight Hackle/Wing: Black Ostrich layed down & tied in, then add purple Rhea over top. Hackle: 2-4...