spey fly

  1. Material List ORG/BLK General Practitioner

    Hook: TMC 7999 Thread: UTC 140 FL ORG Tag: French Oval Tinsel Med Silver Tail: Orange Polar Bear, V’d Orange Pheasant Tippet Body: Orange Seal Dubbing, French Oval Tinsel Med Silver, barred strung neck hackle fire orange Wings: 2 Black Golden Pheasant Breast Feathers tied in 1/2 way & 3 Black...
  2. January Fly O' The Month - Steelhead Spey Fly

    I will be honest, this is my favorite fly to tie and looking forward to seeing everyone participate is this one. There is tons of info on this site by searching (spey fly or steelhead spey fly) Add as many submissions as you want by replying to this thread and insert your picture. At the end of...
  3. Polar Shrimp Spey

    Polar Shrimp Spey

    My take on a classic Hook - 2/0 Daiichi AJ Thread - 8/0 UTC Orange Tag - Lagurtans med. Oval silver. Body - Rear 2/3rds Orange silk floss, front 1/3rd hot Orange seal. Rib - Lagurtans med. Oval silver. Body hackle- Hot Orange Schlappen. Collar - Flamingo Wing - White Swan
  4. Blue Rhea Griz

    Spey fly with blue Rhea
  5. Light Mariboo Spey

    Light colored flesh style late fall pattern.
  6. Maribou Tubes

    A few nice color combos
  7. Rhea Tube Fly

    Here is a Tube tied with rhea, has super nice flow in the water.