1. Material List Big Eye Minnow Zonker

    Hook: TMC 7931C 3/0-5/0! Thread: 3/0 Danville's waxed monocord Eyes: Large aluminum barbell eye with holographic insert Tail: Silver Flashabou Body: white zonker Back: Natural Zonker strip tied in at back first Instructions: Tie in your big eyes first! Then I like to zap-a-gap the eyes so they...
  2. Material List Cone Head Zonker

    Hook: TMC 200R 4-8 Thread: 6/0 Fl orange Uni Head: Medium silver cone head Tail: Pearl Flashabou & Natural Zonker Strip Body: Pearl diamond Braid Instructions: Tie in your pearl flashabou, cut at desired length Tie in a piece of natural zonker for the back & tail, leaving enough to bring...
  3. Material List Zonker

    Hook: TMC 300 or Mustad 79580 size 2-6 Thread: 6/0 White Underbody: lead tape Body: Pearl mylar tubing+ Wing: Natural zonker rabbit strip zapped to body & peal krystal flash tied in at the head Throat: Natural rabbit fur