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Hello All
I guess I could say that I am an older Fart and have been set in my ways on how to present my flies to the Fish.I only use single handers and have a fairly good arsenal of rods some top end and some bottom end but all have earned a spot in my fishing ways lol. My favorite method when I was young was wade and casting to the runs that held fish learning how to read the water came fast to me . Then as I got Older I purchased my first Raft a Military Surplus 9ft Avon wow the fishing I had from that Beauty Drifting flies was easy and quite successful ..Then getting my first Boat an 11ft fiberglass weighed a ton but opened up all the lakes to me mostly the Merritt area of my province with this I could work my flies by casting towards the shore and worked really well I would also troll different flies that worked well also. I also would anchor near shawls and fish the drop offs this produced my biggest fish and mostly on chromies and the dreaded RED FLY LOL...I also use what is called a drift rod with mono line and float indicator for on special Rivers to get my flies were needed to catch Trout and Salmon. So lets hear what methods others have used over the years to put there flies in the fishes mouth . Lets her rip fellow fishers


I prefer wading, if possible sight fishing. Mostly i use nymphs, no indicators... and dries. I like my setup very simple.
Rivers, prefer from 5 to 100m wide, or wider, as long as i can wade there.. usuall catch is trout or grayling. Since i moved to china i use streamers mostly since i fish brackish or salt


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Pretty much everything.
Bobber and worm.
Spoons, spinners.
Trolling all manner of hardware.
Drift gear, center pin and bait cast.
Fly gear. Single, double , switch.
Pretty much fly only for a few decades now, though I do venture to the dark side ocassionally.