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Hey gang, sad time of year for most of us here in British Columbia, with all the cold weather and snow the end of the Stillwater season shown its ugly face. :cry: I hope everyone got out lots this year as we had a pretty good year, weather was great, not too hot and lots of hatches all year. Now that we are all sad and counting down the days till spring its time to put shit away. I'm a firm believer that when it comes to fly lines, maintenance is the key to longevity. No one likes to buy new fly lines every year, especially the price of lines these days. Maybe its my OCD but I do this every year as it truly does extend the life of your fly lines. I'm sure everyone has their own way of maintaining their fly lines so, I started this thread so people can share their methods of cleaning and treating them to help our fellow Guild Members.

Here is what I do,

For starters, when fishing out of a boat your lines will get dirtier than you would think. Getting in and out of you boat the dirt on your feet gets on the boat floor, carpet or not, when casting this dirt sticks to floating lines, especially the porous ones and over time you may notice parts of your line sinking when it should be floating. Removing this dirt that has accumulated over the months of use is where I start. I like to use a good dish soap on a wet cloth and run the entire line through a soapy cloth that is between my fingers, this creates a bit of resistance to remove the dirt. Don't create too much resistance as you don't want to stretch the line, that will ruin the line even quicker. Do the several times so it removes all the dirt. Once that is done I like to rinse the line by doing the same thing several times but with a sperate warm wet cloth to remove all the soap residue.

You will notice in the picture a bottle of Snowbee line degreaser and a bottle of Snowbee line slick. I do the same thing with both, running the line through my fingers with a fresh cloth using the degreaser the again with the line slick. Once done I let dry for a bit on the floor and reel it back on the reel and done. Lines are clean, slick and ready for the spring.

There are tons of line cleaning and dressing products out there and we would love to hear your experiences with the other products on the market. Cheers and I look forward to hearing your experiences.



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Thanks for the advise. Now once your lines are cleaned and dressed, how or where do you store them over the time that you are not using them? (months)


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I'm trying to figure that one out.
I unwind them from the reel but, do not cut them from the backing. The reel is still attached, then I wrap just the lines.
Last year I very loosely wrapped them around a bench in our playroom.
The year before I wrapped them around the outside of a 5 gallon plastic pail.
I wrap them with no pressure or stretch on them.
Both seemed to have worked out well with very little memory when using them the last few seasons.
I'm just looking for ideas, maybe someone has something better or easier.