Fly O' the Month contest Rules

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The Fly O' the Month is a monthly fly tying contest for all registered members, of all tying levels, novice or pro. There is no real criteria for the winning fly, other than your submission, creativity, originality, thinking outside the box is the objective, pretty flies are not the goal, fishy one are! This will give us all different ideas/perspectives to the same pattern, the one rule in tying flies is, there are no rules!

At the end of the month the Mod team will pick the 5 of the best patterns and a poll will then be created for all members to vote. In order to qualify for the prizes, your picture must be uploaded to the FOTM Gallery, in the appropriate location. Any member can enter as many patterns as they wish! For each month a new thread will be created in this FOTM forum.

Those that enter in this contest have a chance to win great prizes every month, prizes are donated by retailers and supplies. Have fun guys, this is a great contest designed for all levels of tiers to give and take in all the tying knowledge out there and keep the art of fly tying in the limelight!
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This is a great way to see many variations of a fly pattern.
Everyone has their own style, and very often one will find something to tweak a pattern.
I am looking forward to seeing some great flies.
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