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Hello All
I have been on many Forums over the years and have had a few sites on Face Book.I cannot help but notice the lack of participation and open discussions that used to take place helping and welcoming new people to our Sport of Fishing and especially Fly fishing.I have always helped new fisher men and ladies with same. I have chatted with a few that have dropped off of sites and they are more interested in Gaming and such on there phones . Maybe I am just getting older and notice the next Generation is lacking in wanting to enter into our Sport....I would appreciate any thoughts on this and maybe get some Ideas going on how to rekindle the wants of new people to join in maybe if they seen some of our old time friendly Banter and keeping it clean would help ......Your thoughts and ideas would be great


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@Red Fly Being that this is a new site it will take a bit to get going. Also this site was created during a slow time when it comes to fishing, I can see things picking up in the next month. It’s also been hard to get people to break away from Facebook but that will change. Facebook is become a place for fake posts, fake people, i for one am sick of Facebook, slow and steady wins the race. Those that want to hang out with real people with out the fake shit will eventually find us. People still Iike to tie flies and would rather use a site that is for the people not commercialized. At least that’s what I keep telling myself 🤔.


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I for one, enjoy the forum format. Typically a good bunch of folks helping each other and nurturing the common interest. Some good natured ribbing and constructive criticism help round it out. Maybe a few swaps and perhaps even a fish out. There is always something to take people away from what we, as a group, hold dear and feel is important. Just stay the course and it will be as it should. I am involved in habitat restoration with T.U.C. , Thompson/Nicola Chapter, it is amazing how planting trees by the river brings folks out, and together. This almost always ends up with someone new coming fishing. And getting a referral to F.T.G. 😉