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RIP Pal......
I have been giving much thought on the matter of Ice Off as we call it when the Ice leaves our fishing lakes and makes for some Great Fly Fishing. Just when it looked promising and weather was starting to get warmer down here they announce more Snow wow this is a strange year.I remember one Feb 12th that I was wearing my vest over my shirt and beautiful warm sun and catching a 14lb 11oz Iron and winning the local Derby .The Temp here this last while is quite cool frosty morns and slippery rocks at rivers edge too much for an old fart to navigate.So I shall return to dreaming of Ice Off and fly fishing some of our great lakes in the interior of province maybe in July the way things are going LOL.
more to come ha ha
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It can warm up anytime.
Sometimes I wonder if the cool temps will retard the fry hatch a wee bit.
I have cutties on the brain.
Winter stones, BWO's, March Brown's.......

Red Fly

RIP Pal......
I remember taking my Grandpa down to the Canal in Feb and setting him up in a Lawn chair it was so nice and sunny and warm he fell asleep in chair I looked at him and thought he had gone to Heaven but as I got towards him he was snoring ever so lightly .I stuck close by and then he woke up could hear him chuckling an had to ask he said he was having such a great day and would like to do it again soon .That was his last fishing day out RIP gramps