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Jan 14, 2019
Williams Lake, BC
Hey Gang, check out the new FTG Member Credits Program. If you look to the right of NavBar you will see the Tab "Credits" with a number, which is the amount of Credits you currently own. This a new site currency that gives members credits for participating in forum threads and posts. With these credits you can buy products in the FTG Shop. I will be adding a complete list of how these rewards can be obtained, Stay tuned as this evolves.

Here is how the Member Credits are rewarded(More to be added)

New Member Credits
New User Registration - 10 Credits
Introduce your self by replying created Member Introduction Post - 25 credits
Upload your Avatar - 10 Credits

Member Credits

Contribute to the Fly O' The Month - 5 Credits (Months winner is awarded 25 extra Credits)
Create a New Fly Swap - 10 Credits
Join in a Fly Swap - 8 Credits
Post Fly pattern with material list in the Fly Box - 10 Credits
Add 2 or More tags to a Thread or Post - 1 Credit
Report Spam/Spammers - 5 Credits

Here are some of the items that will soon be available in the store that your credits can be used for, stay tuned....

FTG Stickers.jpg

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