Well guys I have been working the last while on a pattern book and it is getting closer to being finished. Following are some sample pictures of what I have in mind. I had a friend help out with designing the pages and he did a remarkable job, so thanks to my buddy Andrew Crozier. Anyway what you will notice is the size of the picture for the flies. Wanted everyone to be able to see the pattern then follow the steps easily. As well there are a few fish pictures throughout the book to show the different species of fish we can catch on the fly. I am looking at mid July for the completed book.


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A quick update on the book. The back cover copy has been finalized as well as the front cover, and the final manuscript has been sent in. Once the publisher has finished the front cover then they will work on the layout of the pages. This will take a while but it is getting closer to being complete. Will be really nice to get it finished.